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What is KegLink™

KegLink™ is a revolutionary keg monitoring solution that keeps you connected to your kegs throughout the distribution cycle. Upgrade your fleet with KegLink™ to revolutionise the way you brew, sell and distribute draught beer.


KegLink™ sensors are cutting edge, wireless devices that attach to your Euro or DIN sized kegs and monitor their location and environmental conditions.

These readings are logged and transmitted via the NB‑IoT wireless network to our web platform.


We use machine learning and data analytics to reveal valuable insights that brewers have never had access to - until now. All of your live data is accessible through our web platform for fast access wherever you are.

You can monitor your entire fleet or individual keg metrics, view on-demand or scheduled reporting, and create SMS or email alerts.

How KegLink™ will revolutionise your business

The benefits KegLink™ provides will be seen across every aspect of your business, from production to sales, distribution and finances.

Make great beer

Monitor the freshness of beer in trade to maintain your reputation and always have your kegs when you need them to "keep the beer flowing".

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Sell more beer

By giving you an in‑depth understanding of your customer's stock levels, consumption rates and the conditions from brewery to bar, KegLink™ gives you all the information you need to stop losing taps and to guarantee a premium service for your customers.

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Automate your keg fleet

KegLink™ delivers valuable insights about your business outside the brewery. Logistics channels, warehousing, distributor stock levels and customer insights are all reported through the KegLink™ portal.

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Increase profit

With real time inventory reporting and faster keg turns KegLink™ allows you to run a much leaner inventory freeing up valuable cash flow for other projects.

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