Brewer & Production

Monitor the freshness of beer in trade to maintain your reputation and always have your kegs when you need them to "keep the beer flowing".

Beer Freshness

It costs time, money and effort to brew great beer. That’s why it is so important to ensure that the beer you brew is poured at its peak.

KegLink™ freshness monitoring calculates the heat absorbed by your beer over time to report accurate freshness ratings with alerts to let you know if intervention is needed. It’s your reputation and your beer in the market, you need to know!

Batch Reporting

With KegLink™ you know when your kegs were filled, and with what beer. Batches are automatically logged, reported and tracked, so you have visibility over your stock 24/7, without any time consuming paperwork.


KegLink™ is like having eyes in your customers cool room. You know live stock levels, consumption rates and when empty kegs are ready to be collected. With KegLink™ your tap contracts are protected, your customer interactions are targeted, and your service is ‘premium’ – all without spending any extra time or effort!

Stop tap loss

Offer a premium service to beat out competition

Know when customers are ready to re-order

What makes sales easy

Having a product people want, and a customer who wants it!
KegLink™ makes sales easy!
Brewing the best beer is not enough

You also need to offer the best service to your customer, and that’s where KegLink™ works for you. By giving you an in depth understanding of your customers stock levels, consumption rates and behaviour KegLink™ gives you all the information you need to offer a premium service to your customers.

Sales calls are annoying

Contact the customer at the most opportune moment, generate more sales with less effort and call your customer exactly when you know they need more beer.

Common keg issues experienced by venues
Tap Runs Dry

Venue stock level and consumption rate monitoring, so you never let a tap run dry.

Annoying sales calls

Knowing when a venue needs to order means you can time your calls so they are always welcome.

Empty kegs hanging around

Know when kegs are ready for collection so you can get them back to work (and off customers premises) ASAP.

Keg not pouring properly

Freshness monitoring and alerts mean you can guarantee the quality of your beer.

Logistics & Asset Management

There is nothing worse than brewing a batch of beer only to have no kegs to put it in

Know where your kegs are 24/7

Know when kegs are ready to collect

Stop renting kegs

Speed up keg turns

Reduce theft

Optimise logistics

Location Monitoring

Keg management can be a pain in the ass, and there’s nothing a QR code or an RFID tag can do to stop it.

Quite simply, if you can scan it, you already have control over it. Problems occur when kegs go ‘outside’ the network, when drivers forget to scan, and kegs start piling up. An idle keg is a keg that’s not making you any money.

That’s why KegLink™ works 24/7 to keep you connected to your keg, no matter where it is. Inside a customer cool room, a basement storage area, or a logistics depot you have eyes on your fleet, and your beer.

Geofence Alerts

Receive alerts when kegs leave or enter a defined area or location, enabling you to identify and mitigate any possible issues quickly and efficiently.

Finance & Accounting

With real time inventory reporting and faster keg turns KegLink™ allows you to run a much ‘leaner’ inventory freeing up valuable cash flow for other projects.

Reduce capital expenditure

Free up cash flow

Insurance & finance benefits

Save money

Reducing capital expenditure on kegs is a no brainer with KegLink™. Not only do you stop losing kegs, keg turns are much faster meaning you don’t need as many kegs to service your customers. KegLink™ allows you to grow your business without investing in more kegs.

Better insurance premiums

Once KegLink™ is installed onto kegs, some insurance providers consider them a lower risk asset, reducing premiums & excess payments.

We also work with finance companies who understand that once a keg is connected with KegLink™ it becomes a much lower risk asset. These companies offer lower interest rates on loans to brewers who want to borrow to install KegLink™ on their existing fleet, or who want to finance the purchase of new kegs, connected with KegLink™.

Essentially, if you know where it is at all times, then the risk is greatly reduced.

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