How it Works

Step 1

Attach KegLink™

Fast and easy with one tool installation

KegLink™ sensors can be installed in less than 1 minute and can last for 5 years on a single battery. It only requires one tool and can be done by anyone.

Step 2

Log keg conditions

The KegLink™ sensor logs its temperature and movement at customisable intervals.

By default, the sensor logs once an hour and uploads the data and its location every 8 hours. This provides a detailed insight into the activity of the keg.

What we monitor


Know where your kegs are. What venues are they waiting for collection at? How long did it take them to get to the venue after they were brewed? What backyards have they mysteriously found themselves into? Know where your kegs are and never go hunting for them ever again.

Keg Tapped Status

Using patent-pending technology, KegLink™ detects when a keg is coupled to a tap system giving unprecedented insights into your customers stock levels, consumption rates and behaviour. KegLink™ also notifies you when a keg is removed from a tap, so you can collect it asap, and get it refilled and back to work.


Track the history of the temperatures your beer is exposed to. Is the keg left outside in the hot Darwin sun? Or is it freezing at sub-zero outside a venue in Tasmania? What venues have cool-rooms that aren't so cool, and which ones treat your beer exactly as you would?


Know when your product is moving about. Is it bouncing about on a truck bed, being moved from a store room to a cool room, rolling down the brewery line? Is it sitting idle, eagerly awaiting its drinkers? Or perhaps its empty and sitting in a loading dock, waiting for the next batch.

Step 3

Upload the data

Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) is a secure, reliable wireless standard which enables low-power, long-range and low-cost connectivity for your kegs.

This technology allows our sensors to work in the toughest conditions, underground and inside a venue's coolroom.

No scanning, no gateways; just data

How we compare

 KegLink™RFID TagQR CodeExcel
Live data
Nationwide coverage
Connectivity throughout distribution chain
Customer behaviour monitoring
Low power (long life)NANA
Zero infrastructure expense
Accurate data
Efficient (no human intervention)
More than ‘I was here’ information
Set your own SMS alerts
Update settings away from base
Simple installationNA
Step 4

We analyse data

Using modern techniques including machine learning, we take the data of the entire fleet and develop meaningful insights into the supply chain with targeted areas of focus for different departments and stakeholders.

Step 5

You reap the rewards

KegLink's user friendly, web-based platform delivers the insights you need when you need them, with live information feed, on-demand reporting and customisable alerts. However you prefer to access your information, desktop, mobile, online or SMS alerts, KegLink™ provides all the tools you need to stop worrying about kegs and focus on your business and your beer.

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